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The Slovenian police have a European system for resolving complaints against the work of the police. The option to lodge complaints is an important step towards the professional and lawful work of the police, while also increasing public trust in the work of police officers.

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We are happy that the number of complaints related to the use of powers and coercive means has decreased considerably in recent years, which shows that police officers know police powers well and that they are tactful and kind in performing procedures. In order to minimise the number of complaints, we encourage the kind and respectful attitude of police officers towards parties in police procedures, and in processing complaints and in the reconciliation procedures used in police stations we encourage the use of mediation skills for constructive management of conflicts.

Under a watchful eye

Very few state bodies in Slovenia are under such strict supervision by the professional and general public as the police. In addition to the relevant state institutions (such as the state prosecution, Human Rights Ombudsman, Information Commissioner), its work and use of powers are also constantly closely monitored by the media and non-governmental organisations, which is important from the aspect of protection of human rights and ensuring transparency of police work.

Ensuring internal security in the police

In addition to this, the police have a well-developed system of internal security and protection procedures, with which every suspicion of aberrant conduct of a police employee is checked and thoroughly examined. If irregularities are detected, urgent measures are taken to establish internal security and appropriate labour procedures are conducted. Specifically, the police are an institution that, because of the nature of its work, strives for the highest possible level of integrity of its employees.

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