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Sport in the Police 12 November 2021

Top Athletes Centre harmonises the employment of top athletes in the police and their inclusion in the promotion and preventive activity of the police, provides for the organisation and implementation of state championships of the police as well as the cooperation of police employees at state and international police sport championships.

By employing top athletes and coaches, the police offers them systemic help, enables the implementation of programme plans for sport on the national level, contributes to expanding sport culture and, indirectly, to increasing the reputation of the Slovenian Police and Slovenia throughout the world. Top athletes - police actively participate in promotion, prevention, sport, educational and other activities organised by the police and educational institutions.

Top athletes in police uniforms are also ambassadors of many preventive projects, including:

Sport in the Police

The Top Athletes Centre prepares the annual programme of police sport competitions. The aim of the programmes is active inclusion of police employees in sport activities, to enable participation in competitions to those who strive to achieve top athletic results as well as those who do sports for recreational, health or sociological reasons. The police sport competition programme encompasses the basic sport disciplines that are similar to police work and have a good impact on the psycho-physical capacity of participants. The Top Athletes Centre cooperates with police administrations, other state authorities, sport organisations and police associations in Slovenia and abroad.

Employees at the Ministry of the Interior, retired policemen and Slovenian war veterans also attend competitions in accordance with the programme with the exception of specific police contents.

International police championships

The Slovenian Police is a member of the European Police Sport Union (USPE) and attends European police championships. Individuals who achieve the best results at state police competitions become members of the team that represents the Slovenian Police at the highest competitive level.

The European Police Sport Union organises sport conferences and congresses, where it presents the current situation of sport in the police as well as tendencies and guidelines for future development of sport in the police and sport police associations.