Passports, visas, personal documents

THE LOSS OR THEFT OF A CREDIT CARD MUST BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY!   Visa information (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Slovenia, a New Schengen Member State Border Control To enter Slovenia, citizens of the EU Member States do not need a visa, a residence or entry permit. But they do need a valid personal identity card or a valid passport regardless of their reasons for entering or staying in Slovenia. Citizens of the EU who enter Slovenia with a valid personal identity card or a valid passport, can stay in Slovenia without registering their residence for three months from the day of their entry. If they stay or temporarily reside in guesthouses or any other tourist accommodation facilities, they must be registered by their landlord regardless of the time of their staying. If they do not have a residence permit or a residence registration certificate, and if they do not reside in accommodation facilities, they must report their place of residence or change of residence to the competent police station within three days of their arrival in Slovenia. They must also report their removal before they leave. If citizens of the EU want to reside in Slovenia for more than three months, they must report the place of residence to the administrative unit in the area where they reside before the expiration of the validity of their three months residence permit. EU citizens and their close relatives who want to stay in Slovenia for a longer period of time, can do so without residence permit for three months from the day of their arrival or until the validity of their residence permit expires. However, if they want to stay in Slovenia longer than approved in their residence permit, they must, for themselves and for their close relatives, apply for a temporary residence permit with the competent authority of the area in which they reside. To enter Slovenia, a citizen of a country that is not an EU Member State, must have, apart from a valid passport, a visa or a residence permit, unless determined otherwise by law. A visa is required on entering Slovenia, and is issued by the Slovenian diplomatic/consular representative office abroad.  Thefts or loss of passport or any other document must be reported to the authorities within 24 hours. The police will then issue an appropriate certificate confirming the reported loss. Never leave your personal documents in your car. We recommend that you have photocopies made of the documents you carry with you and that you leave the originals at your hotel reception desk.