Children’s cries of joy were heard at the premises of the Police Academy in Tacen on Thursday, 8 June 2023, when we hosted 90 children who participated in the Safe on a Bike project. It is a project that has been taking place for several years under the auspices of the Butan plin company and in which the police participate in support of the idea of safe cycling for younger road users.

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We organised four "stations" for the primary school pupils of four schools (Šmartno pod Šmarno goro Primary School, Anton Bezenšek Frankolovo Primary School, Jurij Vega Moravče Primary School and Bizeljsko Primary School).

At the gym, they had to pretend to be candidates who were attempting to pass a test of physical abilities before becoming police officers. The course was exactly the same as the one the actual candidates have to overcome and was not adapted for children. When doing an obstacle course backwards, a pull-up hold and long jumps, they were cheered on by our mascot, police officer Leon.

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The second station was named the "display of our specialties". When a person is old enough, they can upgrade their regular bicycle riding skills on a motorcycle. A motorcycle officer told the children more about the perks and dangers of riding a motorcycle. The children also saw the content of the criminal police officer’s large suitcase and, just like in the films, the criminal police officer demonstrated how to collect fingerprints from a surface on which nothing is seen at first glance. To become special police unit officers for a few moments, the children lined up and patiently waited to try on the bulletproof vest and helmet. And this is far from all the equipment and weight that police officers carry on them when doing their job. Service dog Aksa also received a lot of attention. What is play for her can actually lead to a significant outcome or discovery for police officers, e.g. if she finds illicit drugs in a vehicle. The German Shepherd was only playing today to show her skills and because she is a friendly creature that likes to be petted, her coat is still a mess from all the little hands touching her.

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One station was managed by our partner and colleague in the Safe on a Bike project, i.e. the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency. They set up a course on which the children rode their bikes while, of course, wearing helmets, and were challenged with overcoming various obstacles. In doing so, they were able to test their concentration when riding a bike. Four of the obstacles were not only a challenge for the children, but our bicycle mounted officer as well, who is a good example of combining love for cycling and work duties in a police profession.

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The children also learned the conditions that must be met to enter in the great blue family. In a way that was specially adapted to them, we showed them what else the police do; however, it was impossible to demonstrate everything in the few hours of their (too) short visit. Who knows, perhaps some of them will be joining us in a few years’ time. It is quite possible that the helicopter crew, who stopped for a few moments on their return to the base from regular rounds and addressed the crowd, convinced them to join the police forces. Yes, addressed. The helicopter also speaks. So, if you hear a siren from the air, be aware that you have done something wrong.

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The purpose of the police was to present the work and profession of a police officer to the children and give them preventive advice. We hope that they will remember this day for a long time, as it can be assumed from the smiles on their faces on the attached photos and the video.

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