Novo mesto police discover puppy smugglers at Obrežje border crossing; the puppies are recovering well in veterinary care 21 March 2024
Slovenian police successful in detecting smugglers of illegal migrants. 171 smugglers arrested this year, with Koper Police Directorate among the busiest 14 September 2022
In a major international operation, Slovenian Police and Financial Administration dismantle an organised crime group illegally producing and smuggling tobacco products 28 January 2022
Investigators seized more than 70 kg of illegal drugs within the successfully concluded international criminal investigation 10 July 2014
The Slovenian police takes part in a successful international investigation of illicit drug smuggling 18 April 2011
Police filed complaints against 21 persons because of the smuggling of illegal drugs, and uncovered activities of several criminal associations - information from the press conference 21 January 2010
On border crossing Obrežje 128 kg of marihuana discovered - information from the press conference 21 April 2009
Police officers filed criminal complaints against eight persons accused of the illegal production of, and trafficking in weapons and explosives - information from the press conference 3 April 2009
Drug seizure - information from a press conference 24 October 2008
International police cooperation successfully uncovers arms smuggling ring - information from press conference 18 September 2008
A large amount of cocaine seized at the Port of Koper - information from the joint press conference of the Slovenian and Croatian Police and Customs Office 9 June 2008