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The Deputy Director-General of the Police, Jo┼że Senica, held a videoconference with the Executive Director of Europol Catherine De Bolle. Senica stressed that Europol has been an important partner to Slovenia's police and expressed his hope that this partnership will continue to thrive. "Slovenia sees Europol as one of its key partners in terms of ensuring internal security. The Slovenian police involve Europol in investigations at the earliest stage and take full advantage of Europol's tools and products that have helped us successfully close cases on several occasions. We wish this kind of cooperation to continue in the future."

VK z Europolom 14012021

Last December, the European Commission presented a legislative proposal to revise EuropolÔÇÖs mandate. The current Portuguese Presidency will focus on this dossier as a matter of priority. "Whatever stage of the legislative process the dossier will be taken over by Slovenia in July, I can assure that we will endeavour to reach an agreement on the text between the co-legislators as soon as possible," said Senica outlining plans for Slovenia's Presidency in the second half of 2021.

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The Presidency will also be an opportunity for even closer cooperation with Europol. In the field of internal security, Slovenia will focus on three key priorities: enhancing cooperation and exchange of information between Member States, strengthening police cooperation, while a strategic priority is the Western Balkans. Director De Bolle offered full support for the Presidency in matters of substance as well as in the organisation of the European Police Chiefs Convention (EPCC).