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Security cannot be bought on the Internet, therefore we must constantly take care of it ourselves. Major user mistakes include ignorance of possible dangers and reckless computer use. Therefore, it is most important that the user is constantly educated about computer security and informed about what is happening on the Internet.


Fraudsters most often attract their victims through websites

The term "false representation" refers to fraud emails that try to trick recipients into disclosing their personal, financial, or security information.

Europol phishing emails mPhishing

E-mail massages with false representation of banks.

Cyber-criminals rely on the fact that people are busy and that such messages seem credible at first glance. Be careful when using a mobile device. Attempt of false representation may be harder to identify on your phone or tablet.

Preventive advice: Phishing 


Europol smishing sms mSmishing - SMS enticing

SMS with false representation of banks

Sending smishing SMS is the way in which fraudsters try to obtain personal, financial or security data via SMS.

The SMS will usually ask you to click the link or call the phone number to "confirm", "update" or "reactivate" your account. However, the link leads to a fake website, and the phone number is from a fraudster who pretends to represent a credible company.

Preventive advice: Smishing 


Europol vishing mBank Vishing Calls

Vishing (a combination of the words Voice and Phishing) is a phone scam in which fraudsters try to trick the victim into divulging personal, financial or security information or into transferring money to them.

Preventive advice: Vishing 

Protect yourself against online scams!


  • Beware of unsolicited text messages or emails claiming to be from your bank.
  • If they contain links and attachments, avoid clicking on them.
  • If you receive a suspicious call from your bank, hang up. You can verify it by calling your bankÔÇÖs
    customer services.
  • Never share your banking credentials or authorisation codes.
  • If you think you have been scammed, contact your bank immediately and report it the police.

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