Even though you're supposed to be watched over by your elders, you want to be independent on the ski slopes, don't you? But you don't want to spend the whole day with your mother, who you usually have to wait.


So to be able to ski on your own, you need to prove that you are responsible enough.


snezakParents realize this when they assess that you follow all the rules that apply on the ski slope and with which they have informed you. And it's not just about parents. It’s about your safety because you don’t want to get injured so badly that the ski season would be over for you. By not following the rules, you endanger yourself and others who enjoy the snow.

What good is speed if you don't know how to stop yourself!

To prevent this from happening, you must strictly follow the rules on the ski slopes. Read them, try to remember them and stick to them on the ski slope:

  • be sure to wear a protective ski helmet,
  • look at warning, notification, prohibition and mandatory signs,
  • do not jostle around in line for the ski lift, but wait calmly,
  • take care of your equipment (skis, poles, ski boots, etc. ), don't leave it unattended, as it can be stolen by evil persons,
  • listen to and follow the warnings, orders and instructions of the ski slope supervisor and the police officers at the ski slope,
  • be careful when you get to the ski lift; if you can't reach it, ask someone to help you,
  • help anyone who needs help, or inform the supervisor or rescuer about the accident you have seen,
  • be careful, drive slowly, do not endanger others and yourself,
  • observe the restrictions on the ski slope - skiing with various equipment (skiing, snowboarding, sledding) is allowed on the ski slopes, as they are marked.


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