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The ENLETS meeting was held on 24 November in Ljubljana, in the context of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. ENLETS, the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services, provides technology solutions and tools for law enforcement and encourages best practice exchanges among EU member states. The meeting is chaired by mag. Igor Vučko, the national ENLETS representative from IT and Telecommunications Office.


Jože Senica, Assistant Director General of the Police, opened the meeting by noting that the topics to be discussed at the meeting reveal the challenges encountered by law enforcement on the one hand and the opportunities offered by technological advancements on the other. »Security services need to quickly adapt to the new digital reality and equip themselves with new tools to be able to face security challenges. ENLETS can effectively support us in this regard,” Mr Senica said.

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ENLETS, the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services, was founded in 2008. Its main ambition was to operationally strengthen law enforcement with the use of modern technology. It was recognised as an important network for facilitating innovative technologies and addressing security challenges. The Slovenian Police joined the network in 2015 and have since been involved in a number of ENLETS projects.

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