illicit drugs

National Bureau of Investigation participates in an international investigation into an organised drug trafficking ring 1 September 2023
Slovenian police successful in addressing smuggling of illicit drugs thanks to efficient international cooperation 6 October 2022
One of the main organisers of transports of cocaine from Panama to Europe successfully apprehended in Ljubljana 12 March 2018
Fast and Direct Exchange of Operational Information is Key to Success in International Criminal Investigations 10 June 2015
Investigators seized more than 70 kg of illegal drugs within the successfully concluded international criminal investigation 10 July 2014
Launch of Interpol's Turn Back Crime 5 June 2014
The Slovenian police takes part in a successful international investigation of illicit drug smuggling 18 April 2011
An organised criminal group uncovered and 12 suspects arrested - information from Novo mesto press conference 3 December 2009
Nearly 25 kilos of heroin seized by police at Gruškovje - information from the press conference 3 November 2009
International criminal organization engaged in cocaine trafficking detected - press conference information 21 September 2009
Members of two criminal associations arrested because of trading in illegal drugs - information from the press conference 8 June 2009
Police filed complaints against 21 persons because of the smuggling of illegal drugs, and uncovered activities of several criminal associations - information from the press conference 21 January 2010
Slovenian police officers exposed a criminal association and seized the largest quantity of ecstasy so far - information from the press conference 13 May 2009
On border crossing Obre┼żje 128 kg of marihuana discovered - information from the press conference 21 April 2009
Seizure of a large amount of anabolic steroids on Dobovec - information from the press conference 14 April 2009
Seizure of greater quantities of anabolic steroids and heroin - police press conference 6 January 2009
Detection and seizure of a large quantity of heroin and anabolic steroids - information from the press conference 25 November 2008
Turkish lorry driver found with large quantity of heroin at Gruškovje - information from the press conference 18 November 2008
Drug seizure - information from a press conference 24 October 2008
Slovenian Police Seizes the Biggest Quantity of Precursors for the Production of Illegal Drug Heroin - Information from Press Conference 3 July 2008
A large amount of cocaine seized at the Port of Koper - information from the joint press conference of the Slovenian and Croatian Police and Customs Office 9 June 2008