Visits by cavers and divers in Slovenian rivers and caves have been very frequent in recent years. Diving in the sea has also become increasingly popular in recent years.

However, these activities of individuals or groups can also have tragic consequences.

Exploring the unknown always attracts a person. The same is true of exploring the underwater world by scuba diving. In doing so, you must be aware of the dangers that can endanger people's lives and health.

picture of a diver under the surface of the sea

When diving, the smallest mistake can turn into a tragedy, so you need to be well prepared for each dive and take into account your own limitations and the limitations of your equipment.

For safe diving, not only a completed diving course and diving experience are enough, physical fitness and mental abilities are also necessary.

Along with the pleasant sides of diving, you should not forget the safety measures that can save your life:

  • you need to be properly prepared, both physically and mentally,
  • you need to be aware of your capabilities and limitations,
  • you need to prepare for the dive (weather conditions, water conditions, visibility, cave plan, ... ),
  • you have to plan the dive,
  • always dive in pairs
  • inform your family or friends about the place and time of the dive (start and end),
  • in the vehicle, leave a notice about the dive and the diving category and the telephone number of the person who has information about the dive in a visible place,
  • potapljac znakprotect the dive area with a surface buoy,
  • do not consume alcoholic beverages before diving,
  • be aware that dives above 40 meters are considered technical diving,
  • familiarize yourself with the legal regulations in this field.

Pursuant to Article 19 of the Act on Protection against Drowning (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 42/2007), a foreign citizen must inform the local competent police station of the intended technical diving.

Technical diving, as defined in Article 5, means diving with autonomous diving equipment in underground caves, mines and other structures, springs, underground watercourses and under ice, where the diving depth may exceed 40 metres. The foreigner must have accident and life insurance and be qualified to dive. When diving, they must be accompanied by a Slovenian citizen who is qualified for diving in accordance with this Act.

On the basis of Article 19 of the aforementioned Act, the police station issues a Technical Diving Registration Certificate to the individual, which contains personal data, the date and time of registration, and the diving location, which is not protected by regulations on nature protection or other regulations that prohibit diving in a certain area.

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