Special Police Unit

Officers of the Special Unit partake in the Europe-wide "Atlas Common Challenge 2023" counter-terrorism exercise 13 December 2023
Slovenian and Austrian "S.W.A.T." units catch armed robbers and save hostages in a joint exercise in Šentilj 17 November 2023
Ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the Special Unit. Red Panthers proudly mark half a century of work and development 16 March 2023
Members of special police units from across Europe training in Slovenia 19 October 2022
Ljubljana hosts the meeting of the Atlas Commanders Forum 23 November 2021
Activity of the Special Unit 10 November 2021
Special Police Unit 19 March 2021
Eight "special Santas" descend from the roof of Ljubljana's Paediatric Clinic 16 December 2014
Joint exercise of DCAF and the Slovenian Police 19 November 2014
Anniversary of Slovenian Police Red Panthers 22 May 2013
Slovenian Police Launch the Largest Operation Ever against Organised Crime Leaders - Press Release 11 May 2012
Passengers successfully rescued, hijackers apprehended - training exercise information 20 September 2011
Members of the Special Unit display their first-rate skills 2 August 2011
Police management congratulate Special Unit on taking second place in World Championship 15 June 2011
Slovenian Police Special Unit takes second place in Police Special Unit World Championship 10 June 2011
Reception for police officers who distinguished themselves through unselfish and extraordinary acts 20 January 2010
The police active in the drill Krka 2009 - all bus passengers were successfully rescued out of water 20 October 2009
Police officers of the Maribor Special Unit arrested the abductors - information from the press conference 19 October 2009
Police officers in Novo mesto presented their role in protection and rescue operations 19 October 2009
The police presented itself in the Student arena 15 October 2009
New manpower for the Special Unit 12 November 2008
Pivka 2008, international tactical exercise of special police units 30 October 2008
Police Presented at Student Arena 15 October 2008
The Special Unit visits Belgrade 24 September 2008
Special training for police divers from the Special Unit 18 September 2008
Field Training Exercise of the Special Unit at Sea 19 June 2008
Winter Camp for Special Unit Members 2 April 2008
Training of the Special Unit for Action against a Terrorist Hijacking 17 March 2008
Winter Training for Mountain Police Unit 5 March 2008