border control

Important progress for maritime police - presentation of a new police boat 3 December 2009
Documents for crossing the border 4 November 2009
Border Police Division 19 October 2009
Slovenian and foreign police officers together in Frontex operation Neptun 2009 14 October 2009
During summer holidays, occasional traffic jams can occur - warning to drivers before travelling 26 June 2009
Temporary reintroduction of border controls at internal borders - notice 12 June 2009
Cooperation of Slovenian and Croatian police officers in the Frontex operation Neptune 2009 ? information from the press conference 15 May 2009
On border crossing Obrežje 128 kg of marihuana discovered - information from the press conference 21 April 2009
First Anniversary of Slovenia-s joining the Schengen Area 22 December 2008
Detection and seizure of a large quantity of heroin and anabolic steroids - information from the press conference 25 November 2008
Provision of security for EURO 2008 - information from the joint press conference of the Slovenian and Austrian police 30 May 2008
RABIT exercise - Joint exercise of the Slovenian and other European police forces at the external Schengen border 10 April 2008
Ceremony marking the lifting of border checks on internal flights 1 April 2008
Ceremony marking the abolition of border controls at the internal air borders of the Schengen area 25 March 2008
Minister Mate on surveillance of the EU external borders to protect citizens while ensuring openness and accessibility 12 March 2008
Entry, exit or transit of unaccompanied minors into/from the Republic of Croatia 21 February 2008