Ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the Special Unit. Red Panthers proudly mark half a century of work and development 16 March 2023
Security and other measures accompanying the Russian Chapel ceremony executed flawlessly 30 July 2016
Veniger Attends Ceremony Marking Croatian Police Day 29 September 2014
Koper marks 20th anniversary of departure of last Yugoslav People's Army soldier from Slovenia 22 October 2011
Two-week practical part of the criminal investigation course ends 17 June 2011
Memorial plaque unveiled at Gotenica Training Centre 15 June 2011
Unveiling of memorial in Dragomer to commemorate data storage of interior authorities during Independence War 8 June 2011
Ceremony Marking the Opening of the New Premises of the National Bureau of Investigation and the 60th Anniversary of the Journal of Criminal Investigation and Criminology 1 February 2010
Exhibition opening at the 20th anniversary of Operation Sever 12 January 2010
Important progress for maritime police - presentation of a new police boat 3 December 2009
Main celebration of the 20th anniversary of Operation Sever 1 December 2009
Main celebration of the Police Day in Tacen 24 June 2009
The Special Unit visits Belgrade 24 September 2008
Ceremony on the Occasion of 50th Anniversary of the Use of Information Technology and Telecommunications in the Slovenian Police 3 July 2008
Celebration of National Police Day in Gotenica 20 June 2008
Commemorative emblems awarded on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Police Orchestra 11 June 2008
Ceremony marking the lifting of border checks on internal flights 1 April 2008