On Thursday, 2 April 2020, at 6am, Hungary opened two additional border crossing points on the Slovenian-Hungarian border: ─îepinci - Verica and Hodo┼í ÔÇô Bajasenjye. 

The two border points operate from 6am to 19pm and are open only to Slovenian and Hungarian citizens who are:

  • cross-border workers who are able to provide a certificate issued by their employer,
  • landowners with property on both sides of the border who are able to provide a certificate/document from the land register.

Transit of other passengers or cargo through these two border points is not permitted.  

The border crossing points (BCPs) Dolga vas, Pince and Pince (Motorway) continue to remain open in accordance with Hungary's introduction of temporary border control on internal borders. Cross-border workers and landowners (upon providing a document as indicated above) are permitted to cross border also at these three BCPs.

Cross-border workers and landowners are not subject to quarantine or self-isolation requirements after they cross the border.

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