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Research in the Police 16 November 2015

Children from the Jelka nursery school celebrated also this year the Nursery School Day with an afternoon sports and cultural event on the outdoor sports surfaces of the Police Academy in Tacen.

On Thursday, 28 May 2009, they enjoyed themselves, in the framework of the final ŽIVŽAV, in various sports workshops, played and enjoyed the company of top-level athletes, and at the end, even played a traditional football match with them. In a rich programme, which was prepared by educators in the scope of the "Gibalček" project (child engaged in movement), police officers also participated by demonstrating to children police work and equipment.

As the theme of this-year's ŽIVŽAV was helmets, police officers wearing them in performance of their tasks presented themselves to children. Children thus acquainted themselves with police officers on bicycles, mounted police oficers, police officers on motorcycles, and a police officer from a Special Police Unit.  A police service dog handler and a commander of a police precinct also demonstrated their work to children.

 mg 9947

The event was attended by almost 400 children and their parents.

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Top-level athletes working in the police distributed to children reflective bands.

img 0262

The children also prepared an exhibition.

Top athletes working in the police also offered their helping hand to children in various activities:

  • female sports rhythmic gymnast Mojca Rode,
  • snow boarder Rok Marguč,
  • mountain runner Mitja Kosovelj,
  • judoka SaÅ¡o Jereb and
  • swimmers Matjaž Markič and Emil Tahirović.

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Children enjoyed themselves in the play areas.

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Mountain runner Mitja Kosovel saw to it that the little ones were training in skill driving.

 mg 0115

Rings are always interesting.

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With the sports rhythmic gymnast Mojca Rode they learned the basis of gymnastics.

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Judoka Sašo Jereb helped them to perform gymnastic rolls.

Children split into smaller groups and moved from one station to the next. At each station, they tested themselves in various activities. They rode bicycles, performed gymnastic rolls, took care of an injured bear, rode on a police horse, petted a police dog, 'rode' a police motorcycle, and more.  Police officers and top athletes working in the police also offered their help to children in these activities:

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From the loudspeaker came the message:  "When I grow up I will become a policeman."


Children had many questions for police officers, who enjoyed answering them and giving their advice. Such cooperation is very useful and has a large educational influence both on children and their educators and parents. In this way, children can be advised in a timely, suitable and interesting way as to proper actions and behaviour, and the profession of a police officer can be brought closer to them.

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Children pleasantly surprised the police officer with their knowledge of traffic rules.

img 0180

They had many questions.

At the end of the event, children played a traditional match with top-level athletes and, of course, defeated them.

img 0352

Consultation before the match.

img 0345

Joy of children over victory.

Children left Tacen filled with pleasant impressions. We hope that we shall meet again next year.