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In memoriam of the "steel" police officer Mitja Brajnik who tragically died in an accident under the Okrešelj, the sports club Bled 92 organised in collaboration with the Kranj Police Directorate and the General Police Directorate already 16th traditional sports competition The path of reason, will and strength - Brajnik Memorial.

The competition took place on 12 and 13 June 2009 in the area of Bled, Bohinj, Jelovica and part of the Julian Alps. Both police officers and members of the Slovenian Army and professional fire-fighters from Kranj participated in the competition. Among 21 teams there were also teams with representatives of the "gentler sex".

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At the opening, the competitors were greeted by Katarina Kresal, Minister of the Interior, and Janko Goršek, Acting Director General, who praised the will, resolution and steel discipline of all competitors taking part in this difficult test.

The female and male competitors proved again in this year that they are able to survive in the most difficult conditions and that they are also able to deal with the most difficult tasks.

When competitors on Friday, 12 June, jumped into the cold lake of Bled, the guessing on the temperature of the lake was at end. However, already with the first strokes they warmed up and when, after 80 metres, they crawled from the lake, there was no time for rest as new disciplines already awaited them.

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The run to the shooting range and shooting with a pistol was followed by cycling to the Goška plain and to the Oblak mountain; then they replaced bicycles with hiking shoes and climbed steep slopes on a mountain hike, and then again pressed the bicycle pedals all the way to the Rudno polje.

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The next day, 13 June, they descended into the valley to the lake of Bohinj, where they rowed, then again they were on the bicycle, and at the end mountain hiking to Ribno, where they concluded the two-day competition.

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All participants were able to cope with the most severe strains, yet the best were the women's team of the Police Academy and the team of the Alpine School of the Slovenian Army.

The organiser, sports club Bled 92, does not need to fear for the future of this competition, as the competitors parted with a promise that they would see each other again next year. The organiser also has the support of Katarina Kresal, the Minister of the Interior, and Ljubica Jelušič, the Minister of Defence, Janko Goršek, Acting Director General of the Police, and Simon Velički, director of the Kranj Police Directorate.

Mitja Brajnik, an exceptional athlete, was 16 years ago the beginner of the Path of Reason, Will, and Strength and therefore this competition was named in his memory into Brajnik's memorial after in 1997 he and four mountain rescuers died in an accident under the Turška gora mountain.

What this involved is an extremely strenuous sports competition conceived as a combination of sports talent, resolution, mastering of special skills and knowledge required for survival in nature or in order to help fellow human beings, while the route must be overcome by competitors as a group. The participants compete in various disciplines: swimming, cycling, alpine hiking, shooting, rowing on the lake.