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CEPOL's national unit 14 October 2009

Representatives of the Slovenian Police handed over the Presidency to the Administrative Council of CEPOL, the European Police Academy, on 16 and 17 June 2008 in Piran. Apart from the representatives of the Slovenian Police Academy the handover was attended also by the Director of CEPOL, Ulf Goransson, representatives of the CEPOL Secretariat and representatives of France and the Czech Republic, the two successors to the EU Presidency.

Nevenka Tomovi─Ź, President of the Administrative Council of the CEPOL, summarised the work carried out during the Slovenian Presidency of the European Union. In her words, we have attained all our objectives by encouraging more active cooperation between the Member States during the period of assessment of the work performed in the past year, establishing the evaluation process of training courses, by contributing to the creation of a new e-platform, by participating in the CEPOL/AGIS exchange conference and the conference entitled Criminality and Police Work in the 21st Century Before the French Presidency, by presenting the work of CEPOL to the Working Group on Terrorism.

080617 CepolOn the left, Emile Perez next to Ulf Goransson (standing); Nevenka Tomovi─Ź in the centre (sitting)

Emile Perez, Director of the Education Directorate of the French Police and future President of the Administrative Council, sees the Slovenian Presidency as very successful, as well as straightforward and effective in opening discussions on topical issues. He added that France will continue Slovenia's endeavours, especially those related to greater efficiency of the Secretariat and the whole network, proceed with actions relating to cooperation with the Western Balkans and the Russian Federation, support and stimulate joint actions and provide the necessary training courses, all of which will lay the groundwork for the Czech Republic to further elaborate the CEPOL work programme.

The handover concluded in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. At the end, both presidents of the Administrative Council exchanged symbolic gifts.

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