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CEPOL's national unit 14 October 2009

Under the auspices of the European Police College (CEPOL) and in cooperation with Sweden and CEPOL's working group for learning, from 21 and 23 April 2009 the Police Academy organized a seminar entitled Quality Management and Police Education and Training at Brdo.

The purpose of the seminar was to get to know various models of quality management in European police, share experience and find out how quality management in police organisations influences the quality of police education and training.

25 senior police officials from 16 countries of the European Union participated at the seminar.

The message of the seminar can be summarized in the following thought: if we would like to guarantee quality learning within police education, we must constantly ask ourselves as teachers or organisers of the learning process, whether we are doing the right things, we have to observe and think about learning processes and the achieved results, we must always try new teaching and learning methods, and we must also be creative and enable a creative learning environment.

Experience of individual countries indicates that the use of quality models also contributes to the achievement of better results in education institutions, since provision of quality is actually learning that enables discussion of work within the organisation and the necessary and needed improvements. This also mobilizes employees to take responsibility for their own work and development.

Otherwise, the seminar clarified that European police is wondering what kind of police officers will be needed in ten years, what the public expects of police officers and in what kind of education and learning for police we believe nowadays, what results we are achieving and to what extent do we consider new knowledge and demands in the area of learning. An initiative was initiated to create a review of learning and evaluation methods and provision of quality in Member States.

One of the seminar's participants was Dr. Gordana ┼Żurga from the Ministry of Public Administration, an expert in quality management, who has experience with comparative analysis of quality provision in public administration. Among others, she offered her help for the implementation of such an initiative.