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Today, 12 April 2017, State Secretary BoĆĄtjan Ć efic presented the conclusions of the meeting of the Working Party on Frontiers, which took place in Brussels, and the measures Slovenia will adopt regarding systematic checks at the external Schengen borders during the coming holidays.

On 7 April provisions of the Regulation introducing systematic checks at external Schengen borders became effective, which means that border checks now apply to third-country nationals and EU citizens alike. In practice this means that travellers are subjected to systematic identity and nationality checks as well as travel document checks against several databases: Schengen Information System (SIS), Interpol's database of Stolen and Lost Travel Documents and national databases for stolen, misappropriated, lost and invalidated travel documents.

The State Secretary pointed out that while the Regulation was being prepared, Slovenia consistently warned that the measure was disproportionate and would cause long delays once implemented. Our fears have proved to be well-founded and the implementation of the Regulation has caused considerable difficulties, above all tailbacks at our border crossing points and a lot of anger among travellers.

Given that Easter holidays are coming up and with them, increased traffic at border crossing points, we will - based on the risk assessment, which we carry out for ever border crossing point separately - invoke the exemption under Article 8 of the Regulation - Relaxation of Border Checks.

This means that at certain border crossing points at critical times we will check the persons who need to be checked based on security and operational indicators. The indicators will be included in the risk assessment and travellers with identified risk indicators will have to undergo systematic border checks. In this way we want to enable bona fide travellers to cross the state border in as short a time as possible. During periods with less traffic the police will resume systematic checks of all travellers.
More information in the press release of Ministry of the Interior

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