traffic congestions

Drivers, slowly, patiently and carefully during traffic congestions! 3 December 2021
PM Cerar: Commission has prepared more detailed guidelines for systematic border checks at Slovenia's suggestion 3 May 2017
Delays set to continue into Easter holidays despite temporary relaxation of systematic checks 12 April 2017
Solutions to shorten waiting times at border crossing points being sought 10 April 2017
Measures to loosen up waiting times at border crossings now in place 9 April 2017
Tailbacks at main border crossings? Use a less frequented border post 7 April 2017
Planning and implementation of security and other measures for the high-level visit of the Russian chapel ceremony an exceptional operational challenge for Slovenian Police and other services - Press release on 28 July 2016 press briefing 28 July 2016
We would like to remind road users that difficulties in traffic are expected on 30 July 2016 in Ljubljana and the Gorenjska region - information update 22 July 2016
Traffic disruptions in the Gorenjska region and the city of Ljubljana on 30 July 2016 13 July 2016
Save a Life. Consider the appropriate positioning of vehicles on the motorway in cases of congestion 17 July 2015
During summer holidays, occasional traffic jams can occur - warning to drivers before travelling 26 June 2009
Drivers, drive slowly, patiently and carefully during traffic jams! 22 June 2009
Bottlenecks may be expected at border crossings 20 December 2008
Be cautious, responsible and patient in road traffic! 24 October 2008