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When tailbacks begin to form at major border crossing points, you may wish to consider crossing the border at one of the less frequented border posts. Below is a list of border crossings passengers may use and help divert traffic flows and reduce waiting times.

As of today, when the Schengen Border Code amendments takes effect, tight border checks will be reintroduced with respect to all passengers entering Slovenia along its southern border, which may prolong waiting times. 

In traffic congestions please use the following less frequented border crossings: 

  • Gru┼íkovje Border Crossing Point

Zgornji Leskovec

  • Obre┼żje Border Crossing Point

Slovenska vas

  • Jel┼íane Border Crossing Point


  • Dragonja Border Crossing Point

Brezovica pri Gradinu

Mejni prehodi zemljevidMap of border crossing points along the external Schengen border 

kontrola vseh potnikov3

 A changed border checks regime will entail longer procedures with certain categories of passengers, and waiting times to cross into and from Croatia at certain border crossing points will increase, particularly at peak times.

To avoid inconvenience, all travellers are advised to:

  • check the status of your documents, especially if they were misappropriated, lost or invalidated during the last two years.  This is to make sure that entries in the national and other databases are accurate.
  • make sure that your travel documents (identity card, passport) are valid
  • check information about the situation at border crossing points before departure
  • opt for less frequent border crossing points at peak times or choose off-peak days and times
  • avoid travelling to Croatia at weekends unless you have an accommodation package that starts and ends at a weekend;
  • be patient and follow police officers' instructions at border crossing points and inland.

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