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In response to media reports, we are bringing to your attention the fact that there were yesterday two cases of Croatian fishermen sailing into the waters controlled by Slovenia's police.  

The first Croatian fishing boat arrived in the morning and commenced fishing. Slovenia's police cautioned the fisherman of the fact that he was fishing in the section of the sea which is under Slovenian authority. Soon after, two Croatian police patrol boats sailed in. The Slovenian police boat crew warned the Croatian police crews that they had just entered the area controlled by Slovenia's police. After that all Croatian boats, i.e. the police boats and the fishing boat, left the territory and sailed towards Savudrija. 

The second fishing boat arrived in the afternoon and commenced fishing. The boat arrived in the company of two Croatian police patrol boats. The Slovenian police patrol crew cautioned the three Croatian vessels (i.e. two police patrol boats and the fishing boat) that they had entered the area which is controlled by Slovenia's police. All Croatian vessels then left the area and sailed towards Savudrija.

At all times during yesterday's events and police procedures, the Slovenian police vessels remained in the area under Slovenian police authority. The Croatian police vessels, however, were also in the area under Slovenian police authority. 

The crew of the Slovenian police boats warned both the Croatian police patrol boats and the fishing boats of the fact that they had entered the area which was Slovenian territory.

Policing along/at the border has not seen any changes at all. Slovenia's police continue to execute their tasks as they had done before the judgement of the arbitration tribunal. All measures and police procedures are performed in a lawful, professional and tactful manner. Slovenia's police have never been the cause of any border incidents.
Slovenia's police perform maritime border control in exactly the same manner and to the same extent as before the judgement. This method of work will continue to be the case until a final decision on the implementation of the decision of the arbitration tribunal has been reached.