What is sexual harassment and what can you do if you are a victim of such harassment or feel uncomfortable, threatened, abused? And what can you do if you witness sexual harassment or sexual violence in public?

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How do the police deal with sexual harassment?

The police treat sexual harassment or crimes against sexual integrity as a priority and with special respect for victims.

The police have zero tolerance for any such acts. We will treat every report, no matter how seemingly "trivial", seriously and offer you all the support and help you need.

What is sexual harassment anyway?

Sexual harassment is a broad term that encompasses various unwanted verbal and physical forms of harassment with sexual content that make us feel uncomfortable, threatened, abused.

Sexual harassment can happen anywhere - on the street, in a shop, at a station, at school or in the workplace - and can be perpetrated by people you know as well as strangers. Sexual harassment can escalate into more serious or criminal offenses through the use of force, threats or means.

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How to report these actions?

What to do if you find yourself as an eyewitness to sexual harassment or sexual violence in a public place?

Assess the situation first, it must be safe for you.

  1. If it is safe, take action, don't just be an observer, call the police emergency number 113 immediately or go to the nearest police station.
  2. Together with other eyewitnesses or on your own, approach the victim and offer help.

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