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At night, at dusk and in poor visibility (fog, heavy rain, snowing...) wear bright clothes, a reflective object (firefly) or products with reflective surfaces.

silhouette of a person in dark clothes on the road in the dusk

Visibility is safety

drawing of a person with a reflective objectDuring the winter when visibility is reduced due to early darkness or shorter daylight period and bad weather conditions (fog, snow and rain), pedestrians are among the most vulnerable traffic participants.They can make an important contribution to greater safety by crossing correctly in marked places, walking properly along the roadside and using reflective objects to increase their visibility.

The driver notices at dusk or at night:

  • a dark dressed pedestrian at 26 m;
  • a brightly dressed pedestrian at 38 m;
  • a pedestrian with a reflector (firefly) or reflective stripe at 136 m.

drawing of a person on the road with a reflective object

So make sure you are visible in traffic and stay safe whether you are walking, running or cycling at night; wear bright clothing and items that improve visibility (reflective strips, stickers, reflective bands for arms and legs, fireflies), and do not ride a bike without lights and reflectors.

Take care of safety

Always use sidewalks or walk on the left side of the road; this allows you to spot oncoming vehicle in time to move out of the way if it hasn't noticed you.

Cross the road at marked pedestrian crosswalks and at traffic light crossings when the light is green.

Try to predict the behavior of other road users.

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