organized crime

National Bureau of Investigation participates in an international investigation into an organised drug trafficking ring 1 September 2023
Europol Management Board work programme and budget meeting 15 December 2021
Ljubljana criminal investigators successfully conclude illegal firearms trade investigation 20 December 2016
Operation Blue Amber against organised crime results in nearly 900 arrests in 2015 16 December 2015
Slovenian police and Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia take part in massive international operation Blue Amber 29 June 2015
Fast and Direct Exchange of Operational Information is Key to Success in International Criminal Investigations 10 June 2015
Györkös and Fank Attend Interpol General Assembly in Monaco 4 November 2014
Slovenian Police Continue to Support Serbian Colleagues in Fighting Organised Crime 30 October 2014
Launch of Interpol's Turn Back Crime 5 June 2014
Fast and secure information exchange for effective fight against international crime 25 April 2014
International Conference on Combating Organised Crime and Strengthening Border Security held in Ljubljana 9 April 2013
Slovenian Police Launch the Largest Operation Ever against Organised Crime Leaders - Press Release 11 May 2012
An organised criminal group uncovered and 12 suspects arrested - information from Novo mesto press conference 3 December 2009
Members of two criminal associations arrested because of trading in illegal drugs - information from the press conference 8 June 2009
Police filed complaints against 21 persons because of the smuggling of illegal drugs, and uncovered activities of several criminal associations - information from the press conference 21 January 2010
International police cooperation successfully uncovers arms smuggling ring - information from press conference 18 September 2008
Meeting of the Multidisciplinary Group on Organised Crime (MDG E.19) in Brussels 13 May 2008