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In the early hours of this morning police and criminal police officers of several police directorates began with final activities in an extensive international criminal investigation into organised crime offences. It is the largest single final operation in organised crime in the history of independent Slovenia. Due to its large scope the investigation has been directed by   Kranj, Ljubljana and Koper District State Prosecutor's Offices. The criminal investigation also involved extensive international police cooperation with EU and Western Balkan countries.  

About 350 officers are taking part in the operation, including members of the Special Unit, as certain arrests and procedures were assessed as carrying high risk due to firearm possession and propensity to violence of some suspects.

MarjanFankCurrently between 60 and 70 house searches are under way and more than 60 persons have been arrested. Most activities are taking place in the area of police directorates Kranj, Ljubljana and Koper.

The investigation of several criminal organisations active in different areas of organised crime started in 2010. It has been revealed that several separate criminal organisations were connected and acted in a well organised and coordinated manner. The structure of these organisations shows that we are talking about the highest level of organised crime in Slovenia and some suspects are the leaders of the organisations in individual areas or organised crime.

These connected criminal organisations were active in the Balkans and several EU member states, while the activities were organised in Slovenia. The main activities were illicit trafficking in drugs and firearms and the majority of activities took place on the Balkan route. So far the investigation has already resulted in the seizure of a large quantity of illicit drugs both in Slovenia and in other EU member states, as well as firearms. On the basis of the information obtained during the investigation in Slovenia, several persons have already been arrested in other countries for carrying out transports organised in Slovenia.

Currently intensive investigative activities are under way and they are set to continue in the coming days, with suspects being brought to the competent courts.