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On 6 August 2020, some changes to the lists of countries were introduced. Among other, the Slovenian Government decided to take the Czech Republic, Malta, Switzerland and some administrative units of Spain off the green list (entry without a quarantine) and to add Belgium to the red list (14-day quarantine).

Changes on the green list (entry without a quarantine)

Persons who have permanent or temporary residence in a country which is on the green list and are coming from these countries may enter Slovenia without restrictions and a quarantine.

The Czech Republic, Malta, Switzerland and some administrative units of Spain: Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Castile and Leon are taken off the green list.

These countries and administrative units are added to the yellow list. Slovenian citizens regardless of their residence and foreign nationals with permanent or temporary residence in Slovenia travelling from the countries on the yellow list may enter Slovenia without a quarantine if they submit proof that they are not travelling from a country with a high risk of infection with Covid-19 (i.e. the red list), such as the original invoice for payment of accommodation in these countries, proof of ownership of real estate or a vessel where they were staying, official crew list in case of chartering a vessel, or other adequate proof. If they are unable to submit such proof, they will be considered as travelling from a country on the red list (mandatory 14-day quarantine).

Changes on the red list (14-day quarantine)

Belgium, Saint Martin, Equatorial Guinea, Faroe Islands and Namibia are added to the red list (countries with a deteriorated epidemiological situation).

A 14-day quarantine is required for all persons who are entering Slovenia and have permanent or temporary residence in the countries on the red list and for all persons regardless of their citizenship or country of residence entering Slovenia from these countries (with the exception of those listed among the exceptions under points 3–8 of paragraph 1 of Article 10 of the Ordinance).

Belarus, Algeria, Ecuador and the administrative unit of Spain Valencia are taken off the red list. These countries and administrative unit are added to the yellow list.

Green list of countries (entry without a quarantine) as of 6 August 2020

1. Austria

2. Cyprus

3. Denmark

4. Estonia

5. Finland

6. France

7. Greece

8. Georgia

9. Ireland

10. Iceland

11. Italy

12. Latvia

13. Liechtenstein

14. Lithuania

15. Hungary

16. Monaco

17. Germany

18. Netherlands

19. Norway

20. New Zealand

21. Poland

22. Rwanda

23. San Marino

24. Slovakia

25. Administrative units of Spain:

- Andalusia

- Asturias

- Ceuta

- Extremadura

- Galicia

- Canary Islands

- Castilla-La Mancha

- Melilla

26. Uruguay

27. Vatican

28. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Red list of countries (14- day quarantine) as of 6 August 2020

1. Albania

2. Argentina

3. Armenia

4. Azerbaijan

5. The Bahamas

6. Bahrain

7. Belgium

8. Bulgaria

9. Bolivia

10. Bosnia and Herzegovina

11. Brazil

12. Chile

13. Montenegro

14. United States Virgin Islands

15. Dominican Republic

16. Equatorial Guinea

17. Eswatini

18. Faroe Islands

19. Gabon

20. Guatemala

21. Honduras

22. India

23. Iraq

24. Iran

25. Israel

26. South Africa

27. Qatar

28. Kazakhstan

29. Kyrgyzstan

30. China

31. Columbia

32. Kosovo

33. Costa Rica

34. Kuwait

35. Luxemburg

36. Maldives

37. Mexico

38. Moldavia

39. Namibia

40. Oman

41. Panama

42. Peru

43. Puerto Rico

44. Romania

45. Russia

46. Salvador

47. Sao Tome and Principe

48. Saudi Arabia

49. North Macedonia

50. Singapore

51. Serbia

52. Saint Martin

53. Suriname

54. Administrative Units of Spain:

- Aragon

- Basque Country

- Catalonia

- Navarra

55. Turks in Caicos Islands

56. Cape Verde

57. United States of America

58. United Arab Emirates

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