Crossing the state border during the coronavirus epidemic 23 June 2021
Green and orange lists of countries reintroduced 19 June 2021
Non-essential travel possible again, also for tourism purposes 14 June 2021
Several countries removed from the red list, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina 11 June 2021
As of Saturday, 5 June, a negative rapid antigen test result is again accepted for entry into Slovenia 4 June 2021
As of 22 May, checkpoints on road connections with Hungary are abolished 21 May 2021
Up to 50 people may gather at events and assemblies as of Saturday 14 May 2021
Possibility to terminate quarantine early re-introduced 14 May 2021
PCR tests from Serbia and Turkey also recognised at airports as of Wednesday 5 May 5 May 2021
Restriction of movement between regions lifted as of 23 April 2021 23 April 2021
Two new vaccines added to facilitate movement between statistical regions 16 April 2021
Changed border restrictions bring new exceptions for entry into Slovenia 16 April 2021
Entry requirements changed as of 12 April 12 April 2021
Restriction of movement at night lifted as of 12 April, movement between regions remains restricted 12 April 2021
Movement restricted to regions and gatherings prohibited, exception on Easter Sunday 30 March 2021
Tighter restrictions for entry into Slovenia 28 March 2021
The entry into Slovenia possible only with a negative PCR test 26 March 2021
The movement again restricted to within the region in the Obalno-kraška region, the Goriška region and the Koroška region 26 March 2021
Negative test result no longer required for students under 13 crossing the border daily 19 March 2021
Restriction of movement in and out of the Coastal-Karst region lifted 18 March 2021
Changed Category B checkpoint on the Slovenian-Italian border 12 March 2021
Entry checkpoints reintroduced at Slovenia’s internal borders on 8 March 8 March 2021
Printed confirmation sufficient for entry without quarantine for those who have recovered from COVID-19 19 February 2021
Enter Slovenia – new application launched 19 February 2021
Restriction of movement between municipalities lifted and gatherings of up to ten people allowed from 15 February 15 February 2021
As of 13 February, entry without quarantine and negative test also for persons vaccinated against Covid-19 and persons who have recovered from Covid-19 13 February 2021
Less exempt categories for entry without quarantine or negative test; negative test validity extended to 7 days for some exemptions 5 February 2021
No substantial changes to rules of entry into Slovenia; Greece is off the red list 29 January 2021
As of 22 January land and facility owners qualify for an exemption from quarantine 22 January 2021
Rapid testing at the border ends on 9 January; PCR tests taken in third countries again accepted as valid; one new exception in the education sector 8 January 2021
No entry into Slovenia for shopping, tourism, skiing or other similar purposes – Important information 4 January 2021
New exempt categories for border crossing apply from 2 January 2021; rapid antigen tests now available at five border crossing points 2 January 2021
Fewer exemptions for entry into Slovenia without quarantine or negative test, test must not be older than 24 hours 24 December 2020
Crossing municipality boundaries within regions allowed for those travelling to engage in outdoor sporting activities from Friday, 25 December 24 December 2020
Travelling between municipalities and regions for visits allowed during holidays 22 December 2020
Littoral−Inner Carniola sees movement restriction lifted on 21 December 21 December 2020
Movement restriction between municipalities lifted in four regions from 15 to 23 December 15 December 2020
26 Countries Unite in a Musical Tribute to Celebrate and Commend Front Line Workers Across the Globe 29 October 2020
Prohibition on the gathering of more than 10 people; up to 500 people permitted at public meetings and events, and at other gatherings, but without the service of food and beverages 8 October 2020
New amendments to the Ordinance bring additional exceptions to quarantine 30 September 2020
From 28 September, those who present a negative test upon entry into Slovenia will not need to quarantine; new changes to the lists of countries enter into force on 29 September 26 September 2020
Quarantine orders shortened to 10 days, negative tests valid for 48 hours as of Sunday 11 September 2020
Stricter "Covid-19" entry control at checkpoints between Slovenia and Austria is also eexpected over this wekend // An den Kontrollpunkten zwischen Slowenien und Österreich ist auch an diesem Wochenende mit verschärften Corona-Grenzkontrollen 27 August 2020
Croatia on the red list as of 21 August 21 August 2020
Czech Republic, Malta and Switzerland taken off the green list, Belgium added to the red list 7 August 2020
Latest changes on the lists of countries effective as of 31 July 31 July 2020
As of 20 July 2020 persons who will be ordered quarantine will be able to enter Slovenia on any border crossing or checkpoint 17 July 2020
Changes on lists of countries as of 17 July 2020, Croatia remains on the yellow list 17 July 2020
Our contact centre is currently overwhelmed - notice to users 16 July 2020
As of 8 July quarantine decisions at some border crossings to be served between 6:00 and 22:00 hrs only 8 July 2020