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On today's meeting by correspondence, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia issued the Ordinance on imposing and implementing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the external border crossings and at control points at the internal borders of the Republic of Slovenia, which will be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia.

The new ordinance amends the rules on imposing quarantine on the basis of the recommendation of the European Commission. The yellow list of countries is being replaced by the orange list (countries with a worsening epidemiological situation). Countries that are not on the green list (safe countries) or on the red list (countries with a worsened epidemiological situation) are placed on the orange list.

The rule that no quarantine is imposed on those who enter Slovenia from countries on the green list continues to apply. Under the new ordinance, a person is also considered to come from a country on the green list if they have resided in that country continuously for at least 14 days before entering Slovenia and can provide appropriate proof thereof.

Entry from countries on the orange and red lists without quarantine is now also possible on the basis of a negative test. More information: From 28 September, those who present a negative test upon entry into Slovenia will not need to quarantine

Changes to the lists of countries also enter into force on 29 September, 2020. Certain parts of EU Member States, including Hungary, Austria and Croatia, are going to be on the red list, Italy on the orange list, Poland and Serbia on the green list. More information: Changes to the lists of countries enter into force on Tuesday

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