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The Government adopted the Ordinance amending the Ordinance determining the conditions for entry into the Republic of Slovenia for the purpose of containment and control of the infectious disease COVID-19. Amendments stipulate that printed confirmation is sufficient for entry without quarantine for those who have recovered from COVID-19.

With regard to exceptions for entry without a negative test and mandatory quarantine (those who have recovered from COVID-19 and those who have been vaccinated against that disease), proof may also take the form of results from a PCR or rapid antigen test, which persons can themselves print from the zVEM eHealth portal .

This reduces the unnecessary burden of issuing confirmation by personal physicians.

Zemljevid Evrope z barvnimi oznakami drzav glede na tveganje za okuzbo z novim koronavirusom velja od 19 februarja 2021a

Red list of countries

There are also some changes to the red list of EU Member States or Schengen Area countries.

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For most recent information on changes introduced by the ordinance, entry requirements, details on exempt categories, and updates on red list of countries please go to the government web site Border Crossing