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The new Ordinance determining the conditions of entry into the Republic of Slovenia to contain and control the COVID-19 communicable disease that will enter into force on 29 March 2021 stipulates that it is no longer possible to cross the state border outside the checkpoints or terminate quarantine early.

It also sees the removal of some exceptions for crossing the border without a test (applicable remain the exceptions for transport, delivery, transit, diplomats and schoolchildren under the age of 13) and some exceptions for crossing the border with a test valid for seven days (applicable remain exceptions for daily commuting cross-border workers, schoolchildren above the age of 13 and the persons transporting them, and persons who own land on both sides of the state border). The PCR test is valid only if it was carried out in an EU Member State or a Schengen Area country.

The Ordinance introduces a new exception for persons crossing the border for urgent reasons (the elimination of an immediate risk to health or life).

Travel to countries or administrative units on the red list is prohibited for all, apart from persons who have recovered from COVID-19 or have been vaccinated and persons for which special exceptions apply.

The Republic of Slovenia can only be entered at checkpoints at the national borders with Hungary, Austria and Italy. The crossing of the state border outside these checkpoints is not allowed, except for persons who own land on both sides of the state border and cross the state border for the purpose of performing forestry or agricultural work. There are no changes in checkpoints and their working hours.

There are changes to the red list of countries in the case of Finland and Spain. There are no changes the red-listed third countries.

More information

For most recent information on changes introduced by the ordinance, entry requirements, details on exempt categories, checkpoints, and updates on red list of countries see the government web site Border Crossing