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The Government adopted new changes to Slovenia's entry requirements. As of Saturday, 5 June, a negative rapid antigen test result is again accepted for entry into Slovenia, provided that less than 48 hours have passed since the swab was taken.

Both PCR and rapid tests are deemed sufficient if performed in an EU Member State, a Schengen Area country, Australia, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia, the UK or the US, at check points on flight connections of international air transport, and in Turkey. One further condition applies to rapid tests: only tests that are on the common list of COVIDÔÇĹ19 rapid antigen tests recognised by the EU Member States are valid.

There are no changes for persons who have recovered from COVIDÔÇĹ19 or have been vaccinated; such persons may enter Slovenia without being required to quarantine.

A person arriving from an area not on the red or dark red list may enter Slovenia without being ordered to quarantine at home if upon entry they provide proof of having resided in an area that is not on the red or dark red list for at least five consecutive days prior to entry. The change here is that if the period is shorter than five days, the person is only required to provide proof for the period from the time of departure from Slovenia to their return to Slovenia. If they are not able to provide relevant proof, they are considered to have come from an area on the red or dark red list.

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The government press release on the current situation regarding COVID 19 (3. 6. 2021)

For most recent information on changes introduced by the ordinance, entry requirements, details on exempt categories, checkpoints, and updates on red list of countries see the government web site Border Crossing