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As of Friday 30 July 2021, PCR and rapid antigen tests performed in Bosnia and Herzegovina are also accepted as proof upon entry into Slovenia, in accordance with the newly amended Ordinance determining the conditions of entry into the Republic of Slovenia to contain and control the COVID-19 infectious disease.

The Ordinance also lays down conditions for accepting PCR and rapid antigen tests performed in other third countries not specifically listed therein.

If a PCR or a rapid antigen test is carried out in a country other than those listed in the Ordinance, it is deemed to be valid if it meets all of the following conditions:

  • it contains at least the same data set as a PCR or a rapid antigen test issued in an EU member state or a Schengen Area country: name, surname, the person's unique identifier (personal identification number, health insurance number, number of passport or another document issued by that country, date of birth or other similar identifier), data on the test type (producer, date and time of taking the swab), data on the issuer of the certificate, and the date of the issuing of the certificate, and
  • has a QR code in accordance with the standards and technological systems that are interoperable with the European Digital COVID Certificate System, and
  • allows the authenticity, validity and integrity of the certificate to be verified in the same way as a European Digital COVID Certificate.

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