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On Wednesday, 20 September 2023, Slovenian police officers joined the Roadpol campaign and international activities aimed at a single goal – zero traffic deaths, at least for one day – with enhanced traffic enforcement. We are proud to announce that this year we have again met this target. No one died in a road accident in Slovenia on this day! We are also pleased to report that there was not a single road accident with serious injuries on Slovenian roads on this day.

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Slovenia also supported the European Day without a Road Death. We are convinced that such campaigns produce tangible results and that it is therefore worthwhile to persevere in such efforts.

All European countries took part in the international campaign. Ten of them reached the target, including Slovenia.

Slovenia (according to provisional, currently available data) is one of the ten European countries that can report no fatalities on that day (the other countries being Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands and Switzerland). This is partly due to increased police enforcement, but largely to all drivers who drove even more responsibly than usual on this day, contributing to better road safety.

During enhanced traffic enforcement across the country, we focused particularly on speeding and tailgating

On Wednesday, 20 September, officers of traffic police stations and the Specialised Unit for Traffic Control carried out a number of activities throughout the country, mainly monitoring the distance between vehicles and measuring speed. Tailgating and speeding are among the main causes of fatal road accidents in our country. Other violations include overloading heavy goods vehicles with a maximum gross weight of less than 3500 kg and various offences committed by drivers of commercial vehicles. And unfortunately, we have noted once again that the use of mobile phones while driving is still all too common, even though it has been proven to distract drivers and is therefore a very big risk factor for road accidents.

Special attention was paid to checking school buses

In addition to the motorway controls described above, special attention was also paid to checking compliance with the rules on school transport for groups of children, as children's road safety is one of the priorities of the Slovenian police.