traffic safety

Regulation and control of road traffic 5 November 2021
European Transport Commissioner Discusses Slovenian Road Safety with Director-General of the Police 5 April 2019
A Working Meeting of European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc and Representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and the Police of the Republic of Slovenia 23 July 2018
Planning and implementation of security and other measures for the high-level visit of the Russian chapel ceremony an exceptional operational challenge for Slovenian Police and other services - Press release on 28 July 2016 press briefing 28 July 2016
Presentation of activities of the Police and other services before the dignitaries - visit to the Russian chapel - Invitation to press briefing 27 July 2016
We would like to remind road users that difficulties in traffic are expected on 30 July 2016 in Ljubljana and the Gorenjska region - information update 22 July 2016
Traffic disruptions in the Gorenjska region and the city of Ljubljana on 30 July 2016 13 July 2016
Save a Life. Consider the appropriate positioning of vehicles on the motorway in cases of congestion 17 July 2015
Annual death toll of Slovenian roads drops by 61 % since 2001 19 June 2015
Speed control marathon slows down traffic on Slovenian roads 17 April 2015
Theft at motorway rest areas 26 July 2013
Marking the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims with a reminder of the importance of caution and tolerance when on the roads 20 November 2011
Police officers join in efforts for a night without accidents 17 October 2011
New traffic legislation starts tomorrow - let's increase road traffic safety 30 June 2011
Motorcyclists: use adequate protection and be visible - press conference info 13 June 2011
TISPOL seminar dedicated to finding new ways for greater traffic safety 21 October 2010
Pedestrians, take care of your security, Be careful and VISIBLE 11 January 2010
Drinking and driving are not compatible - information from the press conference 18 December 2009
Conclusion of "Z glavo na zabavo" (Party with Your Head) for children and their parents 1 December 2009
Police announce stricter traffic control on motorways between 18 and 25 November 17 November 2009
Be careful on the road - warning to all road users 6 November 2009
Bicycle safety! 6 November 2009
More on traffic safety of motorcyclists 6 November 2009
Traffic Police Division 19 October 2009
Traffic safety 16 October 2009
European night without traffic accident - warning to young drivers 15 October 2009
Be Visible - activities of the police and advice to pedestrians for safer participation in traffic 2 October 2009
Twenty-one, twenty-two: Do I maintain an adequate safety distance while driving? 10 September 2009
A Europe-wide campaign: Seatbelts - Buckle Up and Live! 3 September 2009
Let journey to school be safe throughout the year! 1 September 2009
During summer holidays, occasional traffic jams can occur - warning to drivers before travelling 26 June 2009
In Slovenia, already the third Lifesaver Seminar to reduce deaths on Europe's roads 24 June 2009
Drivers, drive slowly, patiently and carefully during traffic jams! 22 June 2009
Safe summer on Slovenian roads - information from the press conference 1 June 2009
If during driving you are caught in a hailstorm, do not stop in tunnels and under overpasses - warning to road users 27 May 2009
Tolerance on roads and border crossings, caution with pyrotechnics and bonfires, protect yourselves against burglaries - preventive advice for safer May Day holidays 23 April 2009
Caution during the Easter holidays 9 April 2009
Speeding drivers to be checked with mobile radar 6 March 2009
Stop! Life Comes First - a preventive campaign for greater safety at level crossings 3 March 2009
A warning to all road users due to more favourable weather and driving conditions 27 February 2009
At Brdo, Experts From Slovenia and Abroad Talk About Road Traffic Safety 26 February 2009
A Safe Carnival - Information 16 February 2009
Pedestrians, take care of your safety 9 January 2009
Bottlenecks may be expected at border crossings 20 December 2008
Dangerous influence of alcohol on driving, and policing during the holidays 19 December 2008
The police participated in events organised under the "Party with your Head" project in autumn 16 December 2008
The Slovenian police takes part in the Lifesaver project to reduce deaths on Europe-s roads 3 December 2008
Attention drivers: winter equipment compulsory from 15 November onwards! 10 November 2008
Holidays - don-t forget about safety! 29 October 2008
Be cautious, responsible and patient in road traffic! 24 October 2008