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Under Article 109 of the Schengen Convention from 1990, any person has the right to have access to personal data entered in the SIS relating to them.

In addition to the right to consult data in the SIS relating to them, the citizens of the members of the Schengen area and the citizens of other countries may have factually inaccurate data relating to them corrected or unlawfully stored data relating to them deleted. Thus, any person may, in the territory of each Schengen member, bring before the courts or the authority competent under national law an action to correct, delete or obtain information or to obtain compensation in connection with an alert involving them.

In Slovenia, a request to access and consult one's own personal data may be lodged with the Police either in writing or orally for the record:

Police - Ministry of the Interior
Štefanova 2
1501 Ljubljana,

telephone: +386 1 428 40 00
facsimile: +386 1 428 47 33.

Here is the FORM (.doc 35kb)  prescribed for lodging a request to access one's own personal data entered in the SIS.

The form contains data on the person lodging the request, additional information concerning the request that might facilitate the procedure, and legal instruction on the person's rights, on terms of time for lodging a request and on possibilities of an appeal lodged with an appeal body.

Under Article 30 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the Police, which is the administrator of the data file of the national section of the SIS, is, in line with the Personal Data Protection Act and upon any person's request, obliged to:

  • provide access to the SIS filing system catalogue;
  • certify whether the data relating to them are being processed or not, and enable them to consult, transcribe or copy personal data entered in the national SIS filing system relating to them.
  • provide them with an extract of personal data contained in the national SIS filing system relating to them;
  • provide them with a list of users to whom personal data have been communicated, including date, reasons and the purpose of communicating.
  • provide information on the sources for SIS entries relating to them and on the method of processing;
  • provide information on the purpose of processing and the type of personal data processed in the SIS, as wells as all necessary explanations thereof;
  • explain logical and technical procedures of decision-making.

The Schengen Information System contains only specific categories of data that are entered in the System by the contracting parties by means of their national data files. Personal data may be used by authorized persons only for the purposes laid down in the Schengen Convention.

More information on Slovenia in the Schengen area is available on the websites of the Police and the Ministry of the Interior:

More information on the personal data protection in the SIS is also available on the website of the Information Commissioner: