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Schengen calculator 26 October 2022

All Schengen area member states, including Slovenia, migrated to the second-generation Schengen Information System - SIS II on 9 April 2013.

SIS II poster

SIS II replaced the SIS (1+), which had been in use in the Schengen area since 1995, with Slovenia joining it on 1 September 2007. Over the years this giant electronic database of alerts on persons and items had proved to be a very useful and effective tool for maintaining security in the member states; however, due to the progress made in IT its technology grew somewhat outdated.

Outwardly, i.e. for people crossing the external Schengen border, this change of information system will not be felt. For users, such as national police forces and other institutions that conduct procedures with foreigners, it is a significant improvement.

The new system will introduce some technical and user-friendly changes, which will make it safer, more flexible and easier to operate. It is also expected to be more responsive in case of hits.

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