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CEPOL's national unit 14 October 2009

CEPOL, the European Police College established as a European Union Agency by Council Decision 2005/681/JHA, acts as a network of the national police training colleges of the Member States. It was established to support the training of senior police officers.

CEPOL supports and develops a European approach to the key problems faced by Member States in fighting crime, crime prevention and maintaining law and order and public security, notably in respect of the cross-border implications of those issues. The Governing Board is the authority responsible for taking CEPOL's important operational decisions. It is chaired by a representative of the Member State holding the EU Council Presidency. The 11th meeting of the Governing Board will focus on two key topics: examination of the work programme for 2009 and adoption of a draft budget for that year.

Initially CEPOL was funded from Member States' contributions; however, since 2006 it has been funded from the Community budget. The draft budget must be adopted unanimously, i.e. with 27 votes, and has to be sent to the Commission by March to obtain its opinion.

CEPOL develops joint programmes, which national police academies include in their curricula. The 2009 work programme is very ambitious and envisages 86 forms of training; the exchange programme for senior police officers, teachers and students will also continue. CEPOL is preparing a new web platform, which will enable easier communications and exchange of information and materials as well as e-learning.

For more information on CEPOL see the official website

The meeting will be opened by Anton Travner, CATS chair (Article 36 Committee), and Nevenka Tomovi─Ź, chair of CEPOL Governing Board.

After the meeting, on 20 February 2008 at 1 p.m., Ms Nevenka Tomovi─Ź and Director of CEPOL Ulf Goeransson will give statements to the media about the meeting and its main topics at the Brdo congress centre.

We look forward to seeing you there.