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During several house searches this week, police officers seized a large amount of weapons from the warehouse at the training range in Polhova jama pri Pivki and arrested the suspects of this criminal offence.

The hand grenade that was used in front of a night club in Kranj on Sunday contributed the most to the clarification of the case; namely, police officers established that it was stolen in the burglary of the warehouse.

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More information on the investigated burglary of the warehouse of the Ministry of the Interior and the seizure of the majority of weapons coming out of this criminal act was presented at today's press conference, in which the Director of the Criminal Police Directorate at the General Police Directorate M.A. Aleksander Jevšek and Director of the Postojna Police Directorate Iztok Štucin participated.

They said that after the Sunday bombing in front of the night club in Kranj they tried to explain also some other circumstances:

  • to determine the source of the hand grenade that was used for the execution of this criminal act, and to identify the suppliers, dealers and other co-perpetrators and assistants;
  • to connect the used hand grenade with other criminal offences that were considered in the past.

Criminal police officers of Kranj and Postojna Police Directorates as well as members of the Special Unit and Terrorism and Extreme Violence Sector at the Criminal Police Directorate conducted several house searches in the area of the Postojna Police Directorate. They found and seized the majority of hand grenades and other explosive ordnance stolen in the warehouse Polhova jama.


The Director of the Postojna Police Directorate, Iztok Štucin, said that criminal police officers from Postojna have intensively started to collect information on the basis of the first conclusions from the investigation of the Kranj bombing, since three of the four suspects who were captured in Metlika are residing in the area of the Postojna Police Directorate.

The first investigative activities were carried out against three suspects, aged 20, 25 and 29, who were captured in Metlika due to the bombing in Kranj. Later on, the investigation expanded to two more suspects, aged 19 and 20, while two adolescents, age 17, cooperated as assistants.

So far we came to the conclusion that the burglary of the warehouse Polhova jama was committed by three known (and arrested) suspects and one, so far unknown, suspect; furthermore, two known 17-year old adolescents, both coming from the area of Pivka, also helped in the criminal act by guarding the driveway during the burglary.


According to the existing conclusions, during the night of the criminal act the burglars committed two criminal offences in the village Velik otok pri Postojni ? theft of a van and personal vehicle. With the stolen vehicles they drove to Polhova jama, where they broke in the warehouse; the stolen weapons were taken away and hidden in a shed/small house near the orchard of the arrested 20-year-old. Afterwards, the stolen vehicles were driven to the road towards Divača, where they were burnt in their entirety. All stolen weapons were stored by the 20-year-old who was also the leader of the group. He also tried to sell the weapons; however, he didn't succeed. He got to know the 25-year-old suspect from Postojna by chance; after some meetings, the latter handed over to the former an undetermined number of hand grenades. One of these was also used in front of the night club in Kranj, while 20 hand grenades are still missing.

Despite their youth, some arrested suspects were involved in a wide spectrum of criminal offences, including drug trafficking.