If a burglar has already broken into your vehicle, call the police immediately. Do not move or clean anything until they arrive, so as not to destroy useful clues that could help to identify the perpetrator.

Do not offer opportunities to scoundrels!
You can do the most for the security of your property yourself.

We advise you

  • BreakInFollow self-protection measures.
  • Do not leave bags, suitcases and other items on shelves, seats or other visible places. These items are bait for thieves; they will be stored more securely in the boot. Gold, money, credit cards, cheques and documents do not belong in the glove compartments.
  • Items in a bag or purse that are otherwise not valuable can be a bait for perpetrators because they do not know what is in the bag or purse. In this case, the material damage caused will be greater than the value of the items taken.
  • Load your luggage into the vehicle just before your journey. Do not leave it on the roof of the car.
  • If possible, do not leave the keys in the car unattended (car washes, garages). You will prevent their forgery and theft of the vehicle.
  • When leaving the vehicle, close all windows and doors and be sure to lock the vehicle, boot and petrol filler cap.
  • Turn on the alarm device.
  • Never leave the key in the ignition, even if you leave the vehicle only for a moment.
A burglar can break into your car in less than 10 seconds!

What to do if your vehicle is broken into

Your safety is paramount, so never try to apprehend a burglar yourself, especially if they are physically stronger or even armed. Call the police immediately!

You can help us a lot in tracking down a burglar if you remember or write down immediately the following:

  • a personal description of suspicious persons (gender, age, size, clothing, special features of their face, gait, speech, etc.),
  • the registration number, colour, make and type of his vehicle,
  • the direction of his flight.

Do not touch the exterior and interior of the vehicle, as you may destroy the traces of the perpetrator.

It is also important to precisely describe the stolen items and tell if you caught the perpetrator stealing.

If a burglar has already broken into your vehicle, call the police immediately. Do not move or clean anything until the police arrive, to avoid destroying useful clues that could help identify the perpetrator.

I only jumped into kindergarten...
... and left my handbag on the front seat ...
Don't let this happen to you. Protect your property consistently.

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