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Ljubljana criminal investigators successfully conclude illegal firearms trade investigation 20 December 2016
Police work at largest border crossing of Obrežje 14 August 2014
Investigators seized more than 70 kg of illegal drugs within the successfully concluded international criminal investigation 10 July 2014
Extremely effective police work in 2013 despite difficult circumstances and tight budget 7 May 2014
Eleven national authorities and institutions successful in joint fight against economic crime 14 March 2014
Good results against all odds - presentation of 2012 report on the work of the police 10 April 2013
International cooperation reveals the truth behind the murder of a 58-year old man from Trieste 13 July 2011
Motorcyclists: use adequate protection and be visible - press conference info 13 June 2011
Police restructuring at regional level to better tackle security challenges 31 May 2011
Psychological support to and protection of police officers - press conference 7 October 2010
Actions by police and other institutions for safe and firecracker-free holidays 11 December 2009
Police increasingly successful in the fight against corruption - press conference information 13 January 2010
Investigation into savings bank and post office robbery in Postojna ends in success 7 December 2009
An organised criminal group uncovered and 12 suspects arrested - information from Novo mesto press conference 3 December 2009
Sounds of violence next door? Don't just stand there, do something! 25 November 2009
Bomb attack in Radovljica - press release 10 November 2009
Nearly 25 kilos of heroin seized by police at Gruškovje - information from the press conference 3 November 2009
Police officers caught the burglars of the military warehouse and seized the majority of the stolen weapons - information from the press conference 29 October 2009
A hand grenade was used in Kranj; police officers arrested the suspects - information from the press conference 26 October 2009
Police officers of the Maribor Special Unit arrested the abductors - information from the press conference 19 October 2009
The police ethics code must come to life - information from the press conference on its development and importance 14 October 2009
International criminal organization engaged in cocaine trafficking detected - press conference information 21 September 2009
Twenty-one, twenty-two: Do I maintain an adequate safety distance while driving? 10 September 2009
Criminal police arrested five persons suspected of prostitution abuse - information from the press conference 11 June 2009
Quality and safety of Slovenian bathing waters and advices for safe bathing - information from the press conference 9 June 2009
Members of two criminal associations arrested because of trading in illegal drugs - information from the press conference 8 June 2009
Police successful in cooperating with citizens in combating corruption - information from press conference 4 June 2009
Safe summer on Slovenian roads - information from the press conference 1 June 2009
Successful investigation of a murder in the area of Maribor and presentation of successfully concluded investigations of serious types of crime - information from the press conference 22 May 2009
Response of the police, Ministry of the Interior and Inspectorate for the Interior to some current cases of violations in catering establishments 20 May 2009
Police filed complaints against 21 persons because of the smuggling of illegal drugs, and uncovered activities of several criminal associations - information from the press conference 21 January 2010
Cooperation of Slovenian and Croatian police officers in the Frontex operation Neptune 2009 ? information from the press conference 15 May 2009
Slovenian police officers exposed a criminal association and seized the largest quantity of ecstasy so far - information from the press conference 13 May 2009
Criminal investigation of evasion of financial obligations, criminal association and money laundering - information from the press conference 7 May 2009
Beginning of the preventive campaign Speed, slower is safer - information from the press conference 21 April 2009
On border crossing Obrežje 128 kg of marihuana discovered - information from the press conference 21 April 2009
Several persons arrested in the successfully concluded investigation of corruption offences - information from the press conference 17 April 2009
Seizure of a large amount of anabolic steroids on Dobovec - information from the press conference 14 April 2009
Together against corruption! - Anonymous complaints of corruption offences possible from now on 9 April 2009
Police officers filed criminal complaints against eight persons accused of the illegal production of, and trafficking in weapons and explosives - information from the press conference 3 April 2009
Disclosure of an international criminal network, which was smuggling illegal immigrants - information from the press conference 2 April 2009
International Credit Card campaign - the police, the customs and the Motorway Company of the Republic of Slovenia (DARS) take part in finding stolen vehicles 13 March 2009
Several suspects of acceptance of bribe, forgery of business documents and extortion arrested - information from a press conference 10 February 2009
Extortion suspect apprehended - information from press conference 4 February 2009
Pedestrians, take care of your safety 9 January 2009
Seizure of greater quantities of anabolic steroids and heroin - police press conference 6 January 2009
Police officers hold suspects of several armed robberies in the Gorenjska region - police press conference 31 December 2008
First Anniversary of Slovenia-s joining the Schengen Area 22 December 2008
Firecrackers are dangerous and from this year they are completely prohibited 9 December 2008
The Slovenian police takes part in the Lifesaver project to reduce deaths on Europe-s roads 3 December 2008