A new school year is coming. Children will be on the roads more often than during the holidays, and many of them will be going to school for the first time.

It is extremely important to watch out for schoolchildren who are going to school for the first time and are unaware of the dangers they can face daily on the roads. Of course, we should not forget about pupils who are going back to school after long holidays and are still very playful.

Children as road users are very unpredictable - they interpret road regulations in their own way (especially traffic signs that indicate where and when it is safe to walk), and they cannot properly estimate the speed and distance of oncoming vehicles. Therefore, other road users have to ensure their safety in traffic. Children and teenagers are characterised as a group of so-called weaker road users, because they are rarely actually responsible for accidents. For this reason, drivers have to pay special attention to their safety.

Ensuring child safety in the first days of September is one of the most important tasks of the police.

According to road safety guidelines, policemen will perform their usual activities at the beginning of the school year. They will be permanently present near schools and roads leading to schools, and in this way contribute to slower traffic.

Preventive and enforcement activities of the police are oriented towards the problems children face as passengers and towards enforcement of traffic rules in areas where children are most present.

Police activities will be presented in detail at a joint interdepartmental press conference planned for the middle of the coming week.

For greater safety of children we recommend:


Pay more attention to the road safety of your children during these and the coming days! Make sure about what your children are able to do, not only on the road to school but also when you go for a walk, on a bike or in the car. Don't forget: THE BEST TEACHING COMES FROM YOUR OWN ACTIONS!

When driving children, protect them with safety belts or place them safely in the proper seats. Always use a seat belt yourself!


As road participants, be especially aware of children and their unpredictability, and adjust your driving accordingly! Especially pay attention in the vicinity of kindergartens, schools and facilities where children might be playing (streets, parking lots.).