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At the beginning of each school year, there are many playful children on the road who do not yet know the dangers of traffic. What do we advise parents and what should drivers pay attention to in order to keep their children safe on the way to school and home?

picture of a policeman ensuring the safe passage of children across the zebra crossing

 We urge all drivers: make sure our children are safe on their way to school!

picture of the cover of the booklet: First Steps in the world of trafficChildren are among the weaker road users and we need to pay special attention to them

We meet children on the roads much more often than during the holidays, and many of them are going to school for the first time. Taking care of those who are treading the school routes for the first time and do not know the dangers they may encounter on the school route and in everyday traffic is extremely important.

At the same time, of course, we must not forget the students who return to school after a long holiday and are still playful.

Children and adolescents belong to the so-called group of weaker road users, as they very rarely appear as the cause of road accidents.

As road users, they are unpredictable, interpret traffic regulations in their own way (especially traffic signs informing about safe walking), and are unable to correctly assess the speed and distance of an oncoming vehicle. That's why their safety is the main concern of other road users. Drivers in particular need to pay special attention to them!


  • Spend as much time as possible on traffic safety education of your children! Explain them some basic traffic rules (the importance of colors on traffic lights, possible dangers on the school route ...)
  • Find out what your children know and can do, not only on the school route, but also on a walk, on a bicycle or in a car.
  • Remember you set an example for your children by your own actions! Think about how you cross the road yourself, use seat belts, park, or make phone calls in front of your children while driving?
  • When transporting children, make sure they are secured with seat belts or in appropriate seats for their age and weight.
  • Make sure that children enter and leave the car on the side facing away from other vehicles and traffic. Any jostling of children next to the car is also dangerous! Parents should take the younger child out of the vehicle themselves.

drawing of the traffic lights with advice for drivers near school routesDrivers!

  • As road users, pay special attention to children and their unpredictability!
  • Adjust your driving style accordingly. Reduce driving speed near school routes. Drive especially carefully, slowly and at a sufficient safety distance.
  • Be especially careful near kindergartens and schools or places where children may play (eg on the streets, in parking lots ...).
  • Give pedestrians the right of way so they can cross the road safely.
  • You need to park correctly, as stopping or parking incorrectly can not only obstruct but also endanger children and other pedestrians.
  • Avoid using your mobile phone while driving, as it is a dangerous distraction from the road and traffic.

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