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Last night, at about 21:00, a large group (about 100) of protesters moved from the fenced-off area reserved for persons who want to enter Slovenia but do not fulfil the entry conditions onto the road through the actual border crossing point at Obrežje.

The protesters occupied the road, some of them even sat down, thus blocking traffic through the border crossing and preventing police officers from carrying out border controls.

The police managed to reestablish order. They fined 12 people, who were Slovenian and Croatian nationals, for loitering at the border crossing.

Therefore, fines were issued for violating the State Border Control Act and not for helping refugees.

The police respect freedom of speech; however, there are a number of ways of gathering and expressing opinions that do not directly threaten people's safety and hinder police procedures.

We consider the actions of the protesters at Obrežje, at the time when police officers are buckling under an exceptionally heavy workload, to be inappropriate and irresponsible to everybody involved to say the least.

Police Activities in Connection with Current Migration Flows