illegal migration

Prevention of illegal migrations; in cooperation with the Croatian police, control has been tightened in some sections of the Slovenia-Croatia border 15 March 2024
Director General of the Police's working visit in Hungary with the focus on illegal migration and people smuggling 14 March 2024
Together with Slovenian police, ZeBRA operational task force performance presented in Zagreb: more than 8,000 people smugglers arrested since 2016 8 March 2024
Border controls extended until 9 December, on 22 December controls for six months 17 November 2023
Heads of Slovenian, Croatian and Italian police discuss concrete forms of cooperation on border control 15 November 2023
Controls at internal borders with Croatia and Hungary extended until 19 November 30 October 2023
Due to developments in the wider region and potential security risks, we are introducing temporary controls at the borders with Croatia and Hungary 19 October 2023
Slovenian and Croatian police chiefs discuss current migration challenges in Brežice today 12 October 2023
Police chiefs discuss crime in the digital age and the challenges of irregular migration in The Hague 27 September 2023
Police step up compensatory measures in border areas in response to a surge in illegal entries 27 September 2023
Director General of the Police Senad Jušić proposes to his Croatian counterpart to step up mixed patrols in the Rigonce area 19 September 2023
Police increase their presence in the border area of the Municipality of Brežice 9 September 2023
Koper criminal investigators, together with their Croatian and Italian colleagues, successfully dismantled a migrant smuggling group 28 June 2023
Jušić meets police chiefs of Italy and Croatia in Rome 6 June 2023
Minister Poklukar and Police Chief Jušić express support for North Macedonia 9 May 2023
Bilateral cooperation with North Macedonia draws to a close 20 April 2023
Joint patrols also on the border between Slovenia and Austria 17 March 2023
International conference on prevention of people smuggling held in Portorož 18 November 2022
Slovenian police successful in detecting smugglers of illegal migrants. 171 smugglers arrested this year, with Koper Police Directorate among the busiest 14 September 2022
Renewed police cooperation agreement to be concluded after several years 29 August 2022
Return is one of key pillars of an effective migration policy 22 June 2022
State border control and compensatory measures 8 November 2021
Hungarian Police officers who are going to assist Slovenian officers in protection of the Schengen border start work at police station Cerknica 22 June 2021
Slovenian police officers to be assisted by 21 colleagues from other Member States 10 May 2021
Meeting of European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson and Chairman of the Frontex Management Board Marko Gašperlin 22 April 2021
Tighter control of the border with Croatia - a message to illegal migrants and facilitators that attempts to cross through Slovenia are likely to fail 5 June 2020
Police Activities in Connection with Abuses of Short-term Stay in the Schengen Area 10 February 2020
We fully reject the allegations concerning procedures with foreigners illegally crossing the state border 22 November 2018
Press releases in the year 2017 in Connection with Current Migration Flows 29 December 2017
Measures to loosen up waiting times at border crossings now in place 9 April 2017
Press releases in December 2016 in Connection with Current Migration Flows 31 December 2016
Press releases in November 2016 in Connection with Current Migration Flows 30 November 2016
Press releases in October 2016 in Connection with Current Migration Flows 31 October 2016
Press releases in September 2016 in Connection with Current Migration Flows 30 September 2016
Press releases in July and August 2016 in Connection with Current Migration Flows 31 August 2016
Press releases in June 2016 in Connection with Current Migration Flows 30 June 2016
Press releases in May 2016 in Connection with Current Migration Flows 31 May 2016
Press releases in April 2016 in Connection with Current Migration Flows 29 April 2016
Slovenian police officers deployed to Greece 29 April 2016
Police work during migrant crisis 11 April 2016
Press releases in March 2016 in Connection with Current Migration Flows 31 March 2016
A fourth group of police officers deployed to Macedonia 29 March 2016
Second Slovakian contingent completes its mission in Slovenia 4 March 2016
Discovery of Mesopotamian sculptures at the Gruškovje reception centre 3 March 2016
Press releases in February 2016 in Connection with Current Migration Flows 29 February 2016
The objective of the common agreement on daily transit restriction is an effective management of current migration flows 26 February 2016
A third group of Slovenian officers deployed to Macedonia 25 February 2016
The first group of eight migrants return home voluntarily 25 February 2016
Fank: Uniform profiling for more effective regulation and reduction of migration flow 18 February 2016
Another six officers deployed to Macedonia 10 February 2016