illegal migration

Tighter control of the border with Croatia - a message to illegal migrants and facilitators that attempts to cross through Slovenia are likely to fail 5 June 2020
Police Activities in Connection with Abuses of Short-term Stay in the Schengen Area 10 February 2020
Information on the refusal of entry to a group of migrants on the border with Austria 29 December 2015
Bulgarian police officers help Slovenian colleagues 23 December 2015
High representatives of the Slovenian, Serbian, Macedonian and Greek police pledge to enhance cooperation in managing increased migration 4 December 2015
Fank: Tense security situation is no time for heated statements or actions 18 November 2015
Measures to regulate migration flow do not mean closing borders 16 November 2015
Retired police officers may now join auxiliary police 13 November 2015
20 Latvian and another 7 Austrian officers arrived at the Gruškovje reception centre 11 November 2015
Slovenian police officers joined by 52 Hungarian police counterparts in the management of migratory flow 9 November 2015
Slovak police officers to work alongside their Slovenian colleagues 7 November 2015
Journalist expressing appreciation to the police for humanitarian assistance provided to migrants 2 November 2015
A calmer weekend in Brežice and Šentilj - in pictures 2 November 2015
First migrant train pulls in at temporary railway station in Å entilj 1 November 2015
Plinski razpršilec na mejnem prehodu Rigonce ni bil uporabljen zoper skupino oseb ali tujce, ampak zoper posameznika, ki je kršil javni red in mir - odziv (English version available) 19 September 2015
Slovenian, Austrian, Hungarian and Croatian Police chiefs meet in Dolga vas 16 November 2011
Cooperation of Slovenian and Croatian police officers in the Frontex operation Neptune 2009 ? information from the press conference 15 May 2009
The international conference on migration also considered the misuse of procedures to obtain work permits and residence permits 17 April 2009
Disclosure of an international criminal network, which was smuggling illegal immigrants - information from the press conference 2 April 2009
Kras 2008, Joint Operation by Slovenian and other European Police Forces and Frontex Agency 10 October 2008
Police and UNHCR Sign Cooperation Agreement 1 October 2008
RABIT exercise - Joint exercise of the Slovenian and other European police forces at the external Schengen border 10 April 2008
Compensatory measures for increased security in the Schengen area - information from the press conference 29 November 2007