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The police are outraged by heavily biased reports in some media on the events in Slovenia relating to the migrant situation.

The Slovenian police are doing their job with a high level of professionalism and responsibility. Police officers are doing their utmost to control the security situation in connection with the influx of migrants to Slovenia. They have succeeded in averting any uncontrolled situation. Even though large number of migrants kept arriving in the last few days, they are well looked after at reception centres. The police have posted regular updates on the developments on their website. Yet, some foreign media choose to present the activities of the Slovenian police and other institutions in a decidedly negative light.

We are disappointed that, when informing their public, these media pay no attention to our official notices and press releases but choose to publish inaccurate and unverified information instead. For example, it is absolutely not true that Slovenia is building a wall along the border. Even more absurd are the claims made by another media outlet that the Slovenian police beat up 500 refugees last week.

We do not know where this information came from for it could not be further from the truth. 

The Slovenian police observe the rules and carry out all the procedures with foreigners in a professional manner and in accordance with the national and European legislation, devoting special attention to vulnerable categories. In the police we are committed to respecting the fundamental principles of human dignity and the principle of proportionality, and treat all migrants in the same way irrespective of their ethnic origin, religion, political opinions or country of origin, and without any discrimination, and inhumane or humiliating treatment.

To illustrate: so far we have registered 3,598 migrants, and there have been only two cases when pepper spray was used against individuals who breached public order at the border crossing point; no one was hurt. Also the reports on a wall being built were unethical, incorrect and unprofessional. It is true that the crossing of the state border is subject to increased control in order to manage the flow of migrants in accordance with the Schengen rules, but border crossing points are open and the crossing of the border is unhindered for all passenger and freight traffic.

With all the publicly available information that is released to the domestic and international public on a daily basis, it would be reasonable to expect correct and accurate media reporting on the migration-related events in Slovenia.

Police Activities in Connection with Current Migration Flows