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State Border Control 8 November 2021

As of 7 am today, Slovenian Railways trains carrying migrants from other Slovenian regions to the accommodation centre at Ć entilj will no longer stop at the Ć entilj train station but will bring migrants to the immediate vicinity of the accommodation centre.


Lending an ear to the local population and their expectations, the Ministry of the Interior and Ć entilj municipality signed an agreement on setting up a temporary railway platform, which will make life easier for the local inhabitants and migrants, as well as for all organisations involved in migration management.

The first train with migrants from Dobova pulled in at the temporary railway station at 9:10 this morning.

Rafael ViltuĆŸnik, Assistant Director of the Maribor Police Station, said that the police were very happy with the new arrangement as it will make police officers? work much easier. As the centre is only 150 metres from the new station, they will no longer have to escort migrants through the entire town.


This will save time and improve security, and most importantly, the wishes of the local population have been heard. Roads will no longer have to be closed and normal traffic flow will be restored in the town of Ć entilj.


Police Activities in Connection with Current Migration Flows - available information