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State Border Control 8 November 2021

In view of today's start of police strike, Government's decision to continue negotiations with both police trade unions and exchange of heated statements, the Director General of the Police, Marjan Fank, voiced his expectation that the players involved and the individuals responsible will help defuse the situation instead of adding fuel to the fire. The current situation requires all players to show full commitment and responsible social engagement and refrain from flexing muscles.

Even though for a number of years the police have been in an underprivileged position compared to other bodies, in terms of funding, personnel, equipment as well as other areas, and this can be felt in every segment of our work, police officers have been carrying out their work and their mission with full responsibility and commitment, which is reflected in the results of our work.

This has been particularly demonstrated in the last two months, when it was the police who played the key role in keeping the situation in the country under control despite the massive influx of migrants. I firmly believe that, these days, our staff will continue to work in the same manner regardless of the announced trade union activities.

We are convinced that citizens can recognise the contribution of the police and that they place confidence in them while officers know how to justify it.

Police Activities in Connection with Current Migration Flows