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On 4 November 2015, several votive sculptures of figures praying were found in one of the tents at the GruĆĄkovje reception centre. They had been left behind by an unknown person.

The GruĆĄkovje reception centre was intended for reception and temporary accommodation of migrants from crisis areas (Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, etc.), who arrived to Slovenia from Croatia.

The figurines were handed over to the National Museum of Slovenia, which is responsible for analysing and assessing archaeological objects. In the opinion of the Museum's curator (for pre-history and geology), given their characteristics the alabaster figurines are likely to be from Syria or Iraq and date back to the period BCE.

Their value has not been yet established. As the criminal investigation is still ongoing, we cannot yet provide the photographs of the artefacts.

As in the opinion of the National Museum of Slovenia the sculptures are authentic, the matter is treated as a criminal offence of Illegal Export and Import of Goods of Special Cultural Significance or Natural Curiosities under Article 218 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Slovenia. For this reason, a criminal complaint against an unidentified perpetrator has been filed with the Ptuj District State Prosecutor's Office.

Police Activities in Connection with Current Migration Flows